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The workshop sessions will be held as parallel sessions. Each session will contain 3 presentations á 15 minutes (maximum) +5 minutes for discussion. Please prepare a Power Point presentation for the workshop. To let us save some time during the workshop session and to let the workshop run smoothly, please email us your Power Point presentation by June 6 at:

After the review process the abstracts were divided into the following workshops (click to see the abstracts). The abstracts aren’t in any particular order on the website.

Please note that the abstracts and workshop sessions are continuously updated and might change due to the withdrawal of some papers! The final workshop plan will be published at the end of May 2011 as well as the  ‘Book of Abstracts’  that will be given out to the registered participants at the beginning of the conference.

The opening ceremony, keynote speeches and panel discussion are held on the first floor, in auditorium B1100.

Workshop timetable and name list (Excel, updated 25 May, 2011)

Workshop Schedule (accurate) (Word, updated 6 June, 2011)

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